Friday, February 12, 2010

Using the PT

OK, the first thing you are probably asking yourself is what is the "PT". Well, it relates to a concept that was again presented to me in an on-line seminar this afternoon. The speaker spoke about the fact that when times get rough, many of us get on the Bitter Bus.

My thought is that concept is close but perhaps does not quite identify what is truly happening. We may not become bitter but we do tend to go into a self pity mode. Thus the term "Pity Transit" or PT.

Just like the TTC in Toronto, PT does serve a purpose for many folks. It allows them to get rid of the frustrations of the situation they are facing. It allows them to move from frustration, to acceptance. This is a good journey and no doubt has saved a few heart attacks over the years.

The problem comes when the rider does not know when to get off the bus. Or perhaps when they are reaching out at each stop around the office (read work station or cubicle) to pull another rider on board. In no time at all the bus / street car / train / subway (take your pick) is full. Now everyone is heading for the same destination: Pity City.

Some folks will stop and have a coffee there and then get back on the bus and head home safely. Others will take a short term lease on an apartment and stay there for a week, month or so. Others will opt to buy property and settle there permanently. The biggest challenge among this last group is the individual who wants to be Mayor of Pity City and wants to see it grow and flourish.

If you know one of these folks, run for your life. They can talk you into joining their little group to become a large group.

For validation of this concept you need only to look at the stock market. First thing in the morning you hear what the market did overnight in Japan. If things were bad, the market here in Toronto automatically takes a dive. Why, because the Pity Transit riders believe that things must be bad and start selling like mad. This drives the stock values down and allows panic to set in, promoting even more selling. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

The answer, be a leader, step out of the pack and don't rush off the edge of the cliff with everyone else. Instead, think of what this experience can teach you, learn from that lesson and move forward.

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